Lucy Caton

Hello my name is Lucy Caton and I completed my PhD within ESRI (education social research institute) at MMU in 2019.  My Director of Studies is Professor Maggie MacLure supported by Dr Abigail Hackett. My research draws from child participatory, video research in a school based computer club that uses Deleuze (1989) and Deleuze and Guattari (1987/2014) philosophies to enable something more to be said about children’s lives within community and educational scenarios. I now turn to exploring visual research practices with a GoPro camera that acknowledges a kinship between the object, the subject and the image, that go beyond the photographic apparatus in order to evoke new sense perceptions. I challenge accepted theories to think beyond normative practices of analysing educational video research with child participants. This visual/sensory methodological study, questions the ‘relative humanness of child’ in order to re-think child subjectivity as a creation of potentialities in association with the camera and the resultant video ‘data’.