Remixing Thick Time

Collaborators: Laura Trafi-Prats, David Rousell, Elizabeth de Freitas, Riikka Hohti, and the Whitworth Young Contemporaries 

Our sense of time tends to shift when we walk into an art gallery.  As we move through an exhibition our bodies become sensitive to shifting compositions of light, sound, space, colour, movement, feeling, and form. Often an exhibition will re-animate events from other places and times, evoke memories, and even anticipate future events. Time can feel suspended, altered, slowed, quickened, and multiplied as we are affected by the particular atmosphere that an exhibition conjures. This ability to produce an atmosphere that thickens and moves outside of linear time is one of the strange and compelling powers of art.

Remixing Thick Time is a project that explores the thick layering of heterogenous temporalities of shared experience. Project activities in Manchester, Edinburgh and Berlin have opened up new research questions about sensation and time. In May 2019, We explored diverse sensibilities about temporal flow and layering in a series of immersive artworks in the Whitworth Museum's Grand Hall. Each work was created through collaborative workshops with young people, as inspired by the sensory atmospheres and timescapes of William Kentridge’s “Thick Time” (2018-2019) exhibition. Works included: 

The Missing Half Second, layered animations, 120 drawings on tracing paper

Fugitive Sensations, augmented personal containers, whispered texts, inflatable architecture  

A Game of Conceptual Activations, set of 24 game cards, live biodata, actions

The Haptic Eye, non-linear video matrix and live digital drawing

Sounding Time, binaural sound recordings, samples, live remix