Our Lab researches the ways that dis/abilities are negotiated, engaged, and produced in both formal and informal learning environments. With a focus on the implications of neurodiversity and embodied dis/ability for learning, our projects and publications in this area aim to foster inclusion and belonging through difference.  Rather than reading ability and disability ‘against’ each other, we are interested in a more expansive notion of abilities, qualities, and capacities, and the ways in which these are expressed and received.





Odd: feeling different in the world of education (2018-2021)

Rachel Holmes, with Kate Pahl, Amanda Ravetz, Becky Shaw, and Steve Pool

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

SEND Youth Justice:Using arts-based methods to hear young people  (2017-2018)

Peter Hick, with Gabrielle Ivinson and Hannah Smithson

Funded by the Department for Education, England.


Affect and Neurodiversity in the Early Years: Developing a Multi-sensory Perspective (2017-2020)

David Shannon, PhD project

Supervisors: MacLure, Hackett, & Rousell

Funded by a Manchester Metropolitan University studentship



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